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Church Leaders: Working for God or Workers of Iniquity? Part II

 Reasons Why You Must Be Very Careful of Church Leaders and Mirracle Working Men of God  Today

 Have you ever tried to understand the main reason(s) why any one who calls himself (in this articles masculine gender "he, himself" is used for easy reading but it applies to both genders) a 'man of God' today struggles very hard to make sure he perform mirracles?

The following are their three major aim and objectives.

1. To convince the masses that he is a true man of God, anoited, called or chosen by God to do his work.

2. To attract prospective followers who is convinced on his calling.

3. To become wealthy. Either you take it or not, that is the ultimate reason why many of the men of God globaly today are doing all they can to perform signs and wonders.

While it is true that they are achieving this goals well arranged to accomplish their aim. However, it is a lie that because one performs mirracles proves he is called and chosen by God to work for him, and thus a true follower of Christ.

men of Gods round the world

In part I of this article, the bible helped us to understand that the three (3) names "Man of Sin", " the False prophets", and "Workers of iniquity" refers to our Church leaders today.

We used the bible to identified our Church leaders today to be the foretold "man of sin" that will manifest himself during the end times. Therefore, we noted that the name "Man of sin" refers to our so-called Church leaders and miracle working men of God today.

How then do we know that the name "the false prophets refers to the same Man of Sin? That is the collective group of the falsely called 'Church leaders' today? To answer that question, we have to go back to the scriptural comparisons we started in part I.  


ii. The identity of "the false Prophets"

The scripture connect the name the man of sin or son of perdition" to the name "the false prophets" and since we have understood that the 'man of sin' is our so-called men of God today, Therefore, the false prophets is also our church leaders today, that is the collective group of the so-called men of God today who are deceiving people with their so-called signs and wonders or miracles..

Compare 2 Thessalonians 2:8-10 and Mathew 24:11,24.

"Many false Prophets will arise and deceive many...false Christ and false Prophets will arise and will perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive"-Mathw24:11,24

 "the man of sin will be revealed...the man of sin with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception"-2Thess 2:8-10

In Mathew's account, Jesus said; " many false prophets will arise". And in 2 Thesselonians Brother Paul said;
 "the man of sin will be revealed".

Do you think Jesus and Paul were talking about different group of people or the same people?

The word "arise" and "revealed" used by Jesus and Paul respectively shows that what Jesus said before Paul became a Christian will surely come true, so Paul was just confirming Jesus statement. Therefore, there is no argument. Jesus and Paul had the same group of people in mind. Therefore, the Man of Sin is the false Prophets-the so-called men of God and miracle workers today.

For what purpose will the false prophets arise?
It is the same purpose with the man of sin. Jesus said; "to deceive" while Paul said "'unrighteous deception".

What is the mode or method of deception?
Jesus said "they will perform signs and wonders". Paul said "with every powerful work... signs and wonders".

With this similarities, it is unthinkable to argue that the "Man of Sin" is not the same people the bible called "the false Prophets".

Bellow, you  will see how the bible help us to identify the same so-called Men of God of our Churches today as Workers of iniquity and why that name is fitting for our Church leaders today.

Remember, we are still considering the First among the ten (10) reasons why you must be very careful of the Church leaders and so-called men of God today.

III. The Identity of "Workers of Iniquity"

We need not go far before identifying this people. From the name alone, "Man of Sin or iniquity' and "Workers of iniquity" you know the bible is speaking about the same sect of people, our so-called Men of God today.

For the sake of more facts, we will now compare 2 Thessalonians 2:7,8 and Mathew 7:23

It says in part;


I (Jesus) will say to them get away from me you workers of iniquity".-Mathew 7:23.

 "This iniquity is already at work....the worker of iniquity whom Lord Jesus will do away with the spirit of his mouth".-2 Thess. 2:7,8


Jesus used the name workers of iniquity while Paul called them Man of iniquity and confirm that the iniquity is already at work.

Jesus tells us that 'he will "say" (the spirit of his mouth according to Paul) to them'. So Jesus and Paul are saying the same thing to the same people. Jesus will condemn many of the present flood of so-called Church leaders in Christianity today, given command on their ultimate fate, that of everlasting destruction.


 Though they think and believe and are convinced today that they are Working for God,we now understand that this men of God today, "many" of them says Jesus are really not working for God. 


What do you think;


 Is your Pastor or Man of God among the "many" that believe today they are working for God of which you are so convinced he is,  but whom Jesus will later identified as workers of iniquity?


 Why You Need to Think Deeply About The Above Question


  A Catch To Miracles....and The Three names

Religion is a very sensitive issue and some view their believe as personal, thus they refused to discourse or look into their religious believe and convictions to see if it is compatible with the truth find in the bible. Therefore, it is very easy for you dear reader to begin to justify your man of God or Pastor or even your denomination.

While you could reasonably argue that not all religious leaders of all Christian denominations today performs miracle or even believe that the modern miraculous fever sweeping the scene of our Christian Churches today are from God, (though am still to see that denomination that unanimously believe that God do no longer use humans to perform miracles today accept like Jehovah's Witnesses) 

Also, you could reasonably contend that while there  are many Church leaders and miracle workers today who are among the  false Prophets Jesus spoke about, but that there are still some among them today who are true and their miracles or signs and wonders are from God, maybe you believe your man or men of God are really working for God.

But there is a 'catch to miracles and signs and wonders going on among the so-called men of God today that they won't tell you but which you can learn from the bible. In part III of this series of why we need to be careful of the Church leaders today, we will talk about that.

 But consider this now:


Rightly, not all the Church leaders today are performing signs and wonders, however almost all still teaches that God still use humans to perform signs and wonders in this end times which the bible disagrees on as we will see later.   So can it still be said that they are included in the group the bible called Workers of iniquity or Man of Sin? YES!

Do not get it wrong, it is not only for what this people are doing (e. g lying sings and wonders, lovers of money) that makes the bible to call them that names, but also for what they are not doing or not doing right (following the actual steps of Christ)

Also among those not performing miracles, you can still notice other things they do that fits the description of one of the three names the bible used for them namely, Man of Sin, False prophets and Workers of iniquity.  

For example:  

In Part I of this article when comparing the attitudes of the man of sin to that of the Church leaders today, we see how similar it is. No wonder, that the bible identified and applies the names to the so-called men of God today.

I hereby confess that the characteristics scriptural identified regarding the identity of the man of sin, the false prophets and workers of iniquity all fits into the characters of our so-called men of God in our Churches today and that we are seeing the fulfillment of the bible prophecies regarding the end times today.

Is it possible that you have been following Workers of iniquity  in the name of men of God?

Continue reading-part III




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